Singer dies in tragic outcome and country falls to its knees

This Wednesday (22), in the morning, the death of a singer very dear to the public was exposed. The famous conquered several admirers around Brazil in decades of trajectory.

This is Paulo Diniz, who became famous for the song Pingos de Amor, among others. Thus, at the age of 82 the artist did not resist and had the death revealed by Geraldo Freire, from Rádio Jornal, through of your networks.

However, so far, the cause of the singer’s death has not been exposed. The famous even took a break in his career, due to health problems. Thus, the artist suffered schistosomiasis while bathing in a river, in the interior of the state of Minas. Paulo Diniz had a paralysis in the 80s, because of this health issue, since the disease took a while to appear in the singer.

Through social networks, admirers who were able to see his trajectory commented on his death and posted messages of mourning and longing. Details of the wake and burial were not exposed. “Very saddened by the departure of dear friend Paulo Diniz. We had the privilege of working with him in the late 1970s when he came to promote his records on radio, newspapers and TV in Fortaleza. May God welcome him with open arms to his new heavenly home, said Vevé Tavares.

Paulo Diniz, artist of the song Pingos de Amor (Photo: Reproduction)
Paulo Diniz, artist of the song Pingos de Amor (Photo: Reproduction)

singer died

“I remember my younger brother, he is no longer on this plane. When I hear this song I remember him and I miss him”, said another. “Paulo Diniz will be missed, my condolences to his family and friends,” commented a third. “Eternal songs, rest in peace. Thank you for your songs that rocked my youth,” said another.

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