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Sonia Abrão and Silvio Santos recorded together the Three Tracks Game, on SBT
Disclosure / SBT

Sonia Abrão and Silvio Santos recorded together the Three Tracks Game, on SBT

A few days ago, social networks were inflamed with the news that Sonia Abrão would be leaving RedeTV! after 16 years to return to SBT at the request of Silvio Santos. Although this information has suffered from misinterpretations when it went viral on Twitter, the column explains that one detail can make it impossible for the trunk’s owner to fulfill his dream of having the journalist in his casting again.

First of all, let’s contextualize: columnist Flávio Ricco published in his column in R7, on June 17, the information that Silvio Santos has been telling the four corners that his next target is Sonia Abrão. He wants her on a show on SBT afternoons, but doesn’t want to get in trouble with the owners of RedeTV!, with whom he has a friendly relationship.

On the wireless internet phone, there were some profiles and websites that reproduced the news in a crooked way, stating that Sonia was already packed to move with her troupe to SBT. Something that is far from happening. And I’ll explain why.

I talked to Elias Abrão, Sonia’s brother and partner, who explained to me the impossibility of leaving RedeTV! right now. In 2021, they renewed their relationship with the broadcaster Amilcare Dallevo for another four years. So there are three more years of agreement ahead. And the breach of this contract entails a very high fine.

As Flávio Ricco stressed in his column, Silvio wants Sonia, but as long as there is no friction in his departure from RedeTV!. As the presenter of A Tarde É Sua currently represents one of the biggest revenues and audience of the station, it is practically impossible for her early departure to be made in a friendly manner.

And there is also another factor at play: Sonia has an excellent relationship with Amilcare and Marcelo de Carvalho. She would never put that at risk because of the seduction of a possible proposal from Silvio.

Therefore, if the owner of SBT wants the journalist in his casting and in a peaceful way, he will not only have to open his wallet to pay the fine for breach of contract, but he will also have to talk directly with the owners of RedeTV! about the transaction. A game too difficult to play at the moment.

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