Sonia Abrão gets emotional when talking about her mother’s health status, who suffers from Alzheimer’s: “Only for God”


Sonia Abrão published a photo with her mother, Cecilia Abrão, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, and commented on treatment

Sonia Abram with her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease
© Reproduction / Instagram @soniaabraoSonia Abram with her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease

Sonia Abram made a brief outburst on social media when talking about her mother’s health, this Thursday (23), and left her followers moved by honoring her mother, Cecília Abrão. On Instagram, the presenter posted a memory: “Me and mamis, mamis and me. Good times, that won’t come back”, she wrote in the caption.

Still in the comments of the post, Sônia vented: “Alzheimer’s is erasing us from giving her life! And I can’t take it much, no! Only for God’s sake.” Cecília was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that impairs her motor and cognitive functions, she recently contracted an infection after undergoing surgery on her femur.

The artist, however, blamed the team that was taking care of the mother at home: “The nursing team, who followed her recovery at home, failed to care for the dressings”, said the journalist at the end of the text who accompanied the click next to his mother.

Controversy with Maisa Silva

Sonia Abrão doesn’t really speak up and speaks everything she thinks, and during her presentation on ‘A Tarde é Sua’ (RedeTV!) this Wednesday (22) the target of criticism was the actress and also presenter Maisa Silva. The ex-SBT is about to take charge of the ‘Video Show’, which should soon return to Globo’s grid. Abram made it clear that he does not support the girl’s going to the station and did not spare criticism of the new hire.

“I already think Maisa as an anchor of the ‘Video Show’ is absurd. I even understand ‘now the proposal is different, now we want another audience, not the housewife, we want the kids, the hashtag’, even it’s understandable. I’ve never, with all due respect, never been able to see all that people see”, the presenter began in her analysis of Maisa.

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