“Street Fighter 6” promises to revolutionize controls in fighting games

street fighter 6

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Capcom is betting it all on Street Fighter 6, a game that will follow the company’s acclaimed fighting game franchise. The focus is to give a radical overhaul to the franchise, which suffered a huge blow with the negative reception of the last title released, Street Fighter V, and, for that, one of the main focuses of the developers is the gameplay.

The idea is to please both players who are already fans and have been following for years, as well as beginner players who are not very familiar with fighting games.

Capcom is preparing two control schemes to please players: the first will be the “classic”, where combos and special moves will be performed in the same way as in the old games – pressing a rigorous sequence of buttons to make the moves, as in franchises like The King of Fighters or Mortal Kombat.

The second will be the “modern”, which is simpler, and consists only of using the directional button — to any side — added to an action button to make special moves — making it easier for those who are not very familiar with it.

Fighting games are love it or hate it. Usually, there is no middle ground, either the player is very good or he is extremely bad – like the journalist who writes this story.

The idea of ​​the “modern” control scheme serves to place this audience that has difficulties learning the complexity of “classic” controls within the game. In addition, it opens the possibility of reaching new audiences that are not enthusiasts of fighting games, since it will be much easier to start playing.

One of the reasons for the change in controls is the emergence of fighting games with simpler controls, which are likely to reach more gamers, such as Mortal Kombat 11, which subverts the logic of having super complex controls in games of the genre.

Fighting games don’t need to have a complex set of controls, because that puts a lot of gamers away from this genre. Capcom’s effort is remarkable as it can bring many new players to fighting games in general. Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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