Textor reveals ‘broken heart’ with invasion of fans in Botafogo’s CT: ‘It’s affecting conversations with players from Europe. They may not come because of that day’

The invasion of members of the organized crowd Young Fury to CT Lonier in the last week still has consequences for the Botafogo. In participation in the program “Seleção SporTV” this Thursday (23/6), the American businessman John Textor revealed that the episode is disrupting the conversation for reinforcements for Glorioso in the second half of 2022 transfer window.

“There’s practically no way to avoid or suppress the crowd’s emotion when they want to bypass security. In a game between Crystal Palace and Everton, in which they managed to win and stay in the Premier League, I was very confident. It’s the power of the crowd. We can increase security, I was heartbroken. We were trying to recruit players, a very important one we may have lost. The people who fight the camera are the same people who ask me for a player. The most talked about may not come because of that day. When you boo, scream shame, you’re entitled, but you’re a fan. We were upset, angry. But I ask if it is making the team win like this, if it makes the team play more. When you’re down 1-0, is that reason to boo or invade? At home I yell at the television, I can. But in the stadium I ask you to support, to be co-participants. Hold back your boo, your cry of shame. It would be my kind request to the fans. We are where we are, we got our team together quickly, we came from the second division, I want the players to wear the shield and kill themselves for our team, with the fans giving value. I understood that the invasion has to stop, security cannot, but it has to stop – said Textor.

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asked if Zahavi is one of those cases, the shareholder of SAF from Botafogo dodged.

– I hesitate to talk about the person, but people know who I’m talking about. A great player, veteran, brings a wife, children, family. He is not obliged to come. It is public that likes our project, at the moment, from Brazil, is interested, but it has already been reported that there were safety issues in other clubs. I don’t want to focus on Zahavi, but it’s affecting every conversation with players in Europe. It was broadcast more in Europe than here. It’s a bad reflection – he added.

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