‘To have libido you have to like having sex’, says Ana Canosa – 06/23/2022

In the second panel of the Ageless Talks event, whose theme was “Libido has no expiration date”, the psychologist and sexologist Ana Canosa explained that “to have a libido it is necessary to enjoy sex”. over the years.

“In fact, when we enter menopause, the sexual response of women will be slower. This is part of the decrease in estrogen, which is one of the most responsible for libido”, he explained.

Despite the hormonal issues, the sexologist also explains that there is an influence of responsive desire, that driven by availability to have sex. “In that sense, it changes the way libido manifests itself in the body,” she said.

Ana also highlighted the importance of erotic memory in times when the person is not available for sex. “When you have a good erotic memory, that’s what you’re going to access when you’re in a long-term relationship,” she commented.

The sexologist also spoke about the need to always talk about physiological changes with sexual partners. “Women need to communicate to their partners what is happening. Sometimes, because they are ashamed of being in menopause or that they are not lubricating, they end up not lubricating, and it hurts. So the attempt needs to communicate to the partners”, she said.

The second panel had the participation of psychologist and sexologist Ana Canosa, communicator, physical educator and sexologist Penélope Nova and actress Tania Khalill. The conversation was mediated by journalist Adriana Ferreira Silva.

Ageless Talks 2022

performed by Live well, Ageless Talks 2022 has as its central theme “The Maturity Revolution”, addressing important issues for audiences aged 45 and over. The event is sponsored by Genera, Vitasay and O Boticário.

The event has the participation of special guests, such as Marina Lima (singer), Cristiana Oliveira (actress), Carolina Ferraz (actress), Denise Fraga (actress), Murilo Rosa (actor), Fernando Scherer (former swimmer), Alexandre da Silva (gerontologist and columnist for VivaBem) and Fabricio Carpinejar (writer and poet). Silvia Ruiz, author of the Ageless column, by Live wellis responsible for curating and presenting the event.

See the schedule of Ageless Talks 2022

Opening (2:30 pm) – Interview with singer Marina Lima

Panel 1 (2:45 pm) – Timeless beauty: what changes and how to take care of skin, hair

Guests Cristiana Oliveira (actress), Carolina Ferraz (actress), Eliane Dias (businesswoman), Bianca Viscomi (dermatologist) and Maria Cecília Prado (journalist and panel mediator)

Panel O Boticário (3:15 pm) – Ageism and self-esteem of women in maturity – relationship with beauty and mature skin

Guests Maria Cândida (journalist and presenter); Fabi Gomes (makeup artist and presenter); Renata Gomide (marketing director of the O Boticário group); and Silvia Ruiz (journalist and panel moderator)

Panel 2 (3:30 pm) – Libido has no expiration date

Guests Tania Khalill (Actress); Penélope Nova (communicator and sexologist); Ana Canosa (psychologist and columnist for Universa); and Adriana Ferreira Silva (journalist and panel mediator)

Panel 3 (4:05 pm) – Representation on screens: how does this affect our view of aging?

Guests Denise Fraga (actress); Lícia Manzo (screenwriter); and Tatiana Schibuola (journalist and panel moderator)

Genera Panel (16:40) – DNA, self-knowledge and well-being

Guests Ricardo di Lazzaro Filho (Genera Representative); and Silvia Ruiz (journalist and panel moderator)

Panel 4 (16:55) – Would 50 be the adolescence of maturity? How to deal with the transition phase

Guests Murilo Rosa (actor); Isabel Fillardis (actress); and Silvia Ruiz (panel moderator)

Panel 5 (5:35 pm) – Staying active is staying alive: how movement gives us power and longevity

Guests Fernanda Keller (triathlete); Fernando Scherer (Olympic medalist in swimming); Didi Wagner (actress); and Alexandre da Silva (aging specialist and panel moderator)

Closing speech (18:10) – Fabrício Carpinejar (writer)

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