Understand the case of an emo gospel band that played shows in Brazil

During a free rock event in Brazil, a case caught the attention of those present. With attractions like scalene, Day Limns, Sebastianisms and others, who stood out was the American band emo gospel NLM because, without warning, he had scheduled a performance of a religious nature for the public.

NLM in Brazil

the case of NLM in Brazil quickly spread through social networks, as none of those present, not even the other bands at the event, were notified of the evangelical presentation.

According to the audience, the show enacts a story of a girl who has self-destructive thoughts. Then the vocalist, Well Pierce, begins with a religious preaching, with simultaneous translation and even an LED coffin in the middle of the stage. “We are all special, things are not by chance, there is a way to save yourself from slavery and that way is to find Jesus”, they said (via G1).

Check out some moments from the show:

The band passed with their tour through São Paulo/SP, São José dos Campos/SP, Guarulhos/SP and Rio de Janeiro/RJ. The route also included Curitiba/PR, Blumenau/SC, Araranguá/SC, Porto Alegre/RS and Florianópolis/SC, with some of the cities already cancelled.

in speech to G1the singer sebastianleader of Sebastianisms, explained that he “had no idea of ​​the religious nature”. “I was not told anything. Even in the band’s networks the religious character is not explicit. In the contraction, it was informed that an American band was coming to Brazil, and they wanted a Brazilian band to open and that later, they would join another Brazilian band”, he comments.

The artist also explained on his Twitter that there was no time to check out the group before performing.

O scalene He also spoke on his Instagram. “We knew that the band had a religious message, but the form, content and purpose of their tour in our country was withheld from everyone. As well as the entire history of this project”, they published.

The band NLM published, this last Wednesday (22), a note of apology to the public. “We understand that many people felt betrayed and deceived by the message of our show. It was never our intention and we sincerely apologize to those we have hurt,” they wrote.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Brazil, the vocalist explains the scenes and graphic content of the show. “It’s true that there are some complex elements in our shows, but this is real life.” According to the magazine, he also reinforces that the use of sensitive content “is much lower compared to what people watch on digital platforms daily”, but recognizes that “advance notice is necessary” before his shows.

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