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One of the suspects involved in the murder of indigenist Bruno Pereira, 41, and British journalist Dom Phillips, 57, in Amazonas, surrendered to São Paulo police this Thursday (23). This is Gabriel Pereira Dantas, who presented himself to the Military Police, was taken to the 2nd Police District of the city and was subsequently arrested.

According to police, he admitted to the crime. He then recorded a video in which he points out his role on June 5, the date on which Bruno and Dom were murdered.

He says that he only helped pilot the criminals’ boat — Dantas denies that he was directly involved in the shooting at Bruno and Dom or in hiding the bodies in the woods. “I just took [os dois corpos do barco]I was in despair.”

Dantas will now be sent to the Federal Police guard, responsible for investigating the case, alongside the Amazonas police.

The crime put pressure on the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government for highlighting the scenario of environmental conflict in the Amazon and the insecurity of leaders who act in the defense of indigenous people.

So far, four people have been arrested for involvement in the double homicide. Three confessed to participating: in addition to Dantas, Amarildo Oliveira, known as Pelado, and Jefferson da Silva Lima (the Pelado da Dinha).

The fourth suspect of direct involvement in the deaths, Oseney Oliveira (aka Dos Santos), denies it. Despite this, investigators say a witness placed him at the scene of the crime.

  • Watch video in which the suspect arrested in SP reports his participation in the crime

In addition to them, four other people have already been identified. According to the investigators, they helped to conceal the corpses.

The advance of the search led to a confession by Pelado on the night of the 14th, according to information released by the PF. Pelado was then taken to the search site on the 15th to identify the location of the ditch where the bodies were buried.

On the night of the same day, the bodies were transported to the port of Atalaia do Norte (AM), the city closest to the crime scene. From there, the remnants were transported for expertise in Brasília.

The murder of Pereira and Phillips involved a group of illegal fishermen, who mainly work with pirarucu fishing, according to evidence gathered in the investigations.

The indigenist was one of those responsible for the indigenous surveillance service implemented by Univaja (União dos Povos Indígenas do Vale do Javari).

These guards daily pointed out the presence of invaders in the indigenous land and its surroundings. It was these same indigenous people who undertook the search for the bodies of Pereira and Phillips.

This Wednesday, the Federal Police reported that it has concluded the forensic genetics expertise and that the bodies of the indigenist and the journalist will be released to the families this Thursday (23).

“The Federal Police communicates that the bodies of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira will be delivered to the families tomorrow, June 23, with a scheduled take-off from Brasília airport at 2 pm,” the corporation said in a statement.

Also according to the PF, the biological samples identified “two distinct genetic profiles” and the results indicated that they were “the remnants of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira”.

“The work of the experts of the National Institute of Criminalistics will continue in the coming days focused on the analysis of different traces of the case.”

Pereira and Phillips were killed in a region close to the indigenous land of Vale do Javari, in the state of Amazonas.

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