Video: Thief dressed as an astronaut steals BRL 104,000 in a supermarket in BH – Gerais

A thief dressed as an “astronaut” broke into a supermarket in the Jaqueline neighborhood, North Region of Belo Horizonte. He was caught by surveillance cameras stealing BRL 104,000 at dawn from Tuesday to Wednesday (22/6), after breaking into four safes with the help of two partners. the heat sensor that the trade has. According to the Military Police, nine doors, four padlocks, four safes and four cash drawers were damaged.
Also according to the PM, there is suspicion that one of the criminals entered the supermarket during operation the night before. They waited for the end of the day at a police station in front of the place to break the lock on the port and leave with the money.

After the theft, the supermarket supervisor called the Military Police, who, arriving at the establishment, found the padlock destroyed and several bags of coins scattered on the floor. The suspects fled without being identified.

man dressed as an astronaut
Cameras filmed a thief dressed as an astronaut and two more criminals deactivating the security system (photo: Security/Disclosure Images)

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