Viih Tube and Eliezer are embarrassed with an intimate piece in the pocket of the ex-BBB 22: “I had forgotten”

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Viih Tube and Eliezer live an affair and traveled together to Las Vegas

Eliezer forgot Viih Tube panties in his pants pocket while traveling
© Reproduction/[email protected]Eliezer forgot Viih Tube panties in his pants pocket while traveling

HIV Tube and Eliezer are together and do not make a point of hiding the relationship. The two have yet to offer many details on their current status but apparently, they are enjoying each other. This Thursday (23), the lovebirds gave more details about the trip they make together to Las Vegas and the youtuber shared an amusing story about a perrengue while traveling.

According to the ex-BBB 21, the two were at the airport when a person warned that something would fall out of his pocket. Eli. When you took the accessory out of the compartment, viih found out it was panties. In addition to going through the embarrassment, the newlyweds have had some bad luck on the tour.

“And a young man who looked at Eli and said that something was going to fall out of his pocket, when we went to see it, it was my panties”, said HIV Tube, showing the pink underwear in the partner’s pants pocket. She justified herself: “As always we ran out and I had forgotten it in the hotel bed and he put it in his pocket”, she said, having fun, and adding: “It’s every thing”.

Eli and viih almost missed their flight, which ended up being delayed, causing them to miss the connection in Chicago. Rebooked for the next day’s flight, they had to find a hotel, but couldn’t find a place to stay. “I already had the energy to go through troubles on a trip, but he could overcome anyone,” said the influencer.

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