Vitor Pereira reveals conversation with Adson after controversial bid in Corinthians victory

Coach Vitor Pereira tried to calm the mood in Timão’s 4-0 rout against Santos, last Wednesday night, in a confrontation held at Neo Química Arena. The Portuguese drew the attention of his players and spoke with the opposing coach, Fabián Bustos, after confusion among his athletes.

At the end of the match, Adson passed his foot over the ball and received a hard entry from Ângelo, from Santos. Soon after, other Santos players went to charge the Corinthians midfielder. As soon as the match was over, the Portuguese coach caught the attention of Corinthians shirt 28 and commented on what happened at the press conference

Adson is a technical playerbut when a team is losing or winning, and then with numerical inferiority… at a time when Adson starts to pass his foot over the ball, I understood that at that moment, should have played simpler“, analyzed.

I like to respect opponents, he said it wasn’t a lack of respect, which was what he felt at that moment to do. That’s what I was trying to understand (when I spoke to him). Whether or not that was disrespect, because I hate it. I went to ask that”, concluded the coach.

And Mantuan?

In the final minutes, a move involving Mantuan also drew attention. The shirt 31 gave a hat to an opposing athlete and was asked about a possible “mocking” with Santos in the move, but he said it was not due to lack of respect and also revealed a conversation with Vítor Pereira about the moment.

Santos players all know me and they know that I’m not one to be funny, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1-0 or 4-0. Ali (in the hat) was a real resource, I didn’t have the option of passing forward. It was a resource, an improvisation right there on the spot, so even the Santos players themselves know that I’m not like that. The mister even came to talk to me later and I said it wasn’t a dirty trick, it wasn’t to make fun of, because we respect those on the other side. He understood me and everything is fine”, pointed out the Corinthians player in an interview in the mixed zone after the match.

Before effectively deciding the spot in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, Corinthians and Santos will face each other again next Saturday. The teams meet again at Neo Química Arena, at 19:00, for the 14th round of the Brasileirão.

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