what to do when the app does not show the withdrawal of R$ 1,000?

To close the accounts at the end of the month, many Brazilians are opting for extraordinary FGTS withdrawal. The modality allows workers to redeem amounts of up to BRL 1,000 from active (current employment) or inactive (former employment) accounts. The deadline for withdrawals is December 15th of this year.

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According to Caixa Econômica Federal, approximately 42 million workers gained access to this method of withdrawing from the Guarantee Fund. Those who are not interested in using the money can inform the bank of the decision or wait for the funds to be automatically returned to their original accounts after withdrawals have ended.

It is worth noting that they received access to the FGTS withdrawal 2022 all workers who had a balance in the fund. The credit limit amount is up to BRL 1,000 per CPF, even if the person has higher amounts as a balance.

But what to do when the app doesn’t show the withdrawal of up to BRL 1,000?

The worker who has the right to new FGTS withdrawal, but who have not yet received the amount in the Caixa Tem digital social savings account should keep an eye on the main reasons that prevent the redemption of the money. See what they are below:

  • The worker who used the FGTS as a guarantee in a line of credit or anticipation of the birthday loot;
  • The worker who, for some reason, had his FGTS account blocked by a court decision;
  • In the event of a request for a refund of the amount collected by the employing company;
  • The worker who has the Inconsistent personal or employment data.

How to request values?

In case of incomplete data, the worker can request the extraordinary FGTS accessing the FGTS application to update the information. Once this is done, he can then request the release of funds by clicking on the “Request Withdrawal” tab.

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