What to Expect from The Boys Year 3 Episode 6

Since it was announced, “Herogasm”, the sixth episode of the third year of the boys, is being widely discussed on social media. The long-awaited chapter that airs this week is, in my humble opinion, the best episode ever made in all three years of the series — as we said in other texts, the Omelet previewed every episode of the season. However, for all the hype generated over the episode, I need to warn you, dear reader, that maybe you are waiting for something that will not happen.

Since filming began, not only the production but also the cast have been making statements and making jokes about how terrible it was to film the great orgy of heroes. In addition, the entire comic book saga indicates that many of the main characters end up relating at some point. All this can lead you to think that the focus of the episode is to show character A having sex with B. The truth, however, is that “Herogasm” goes far beyond the orgy. This makes the sex just the backdrop for the series’ highest point so far.

Still, the orgy plays a very important role in the episode: making everything funnier. After all, we’ve already had several indications that sex between supers is something of another level – just remember the appearance of the Love Sausage in the second season and the scene of the “Ant-Man”, in the first episode of this year. However, this “hype industry” is using this to make you create expectations that don’t exist. It’s also worth remembering that, back in the first season, we had a preview of a hell of a hero orgy, and herogasm doesn’t go much further than what we’ve seen so far.

As I said, I consider “Herogasm” to be the best episode of The Boys’ three years, and I’m sure it won’t let you down. But any level of frustration can be a bucket of cold water when you’re a fan. So take my advice: forget all your theories, put your expectations in the drawer and get ready to find out how far a super can go f****.

The sixth episode airs this Friday (24) on Prime Video. the third season of the boys has eight chapters and is scheduled to end on July 8th. The fourth year of production has already been confirmed.

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