With gasoline prices soaring, see where to fuel up in the State of Rio

O gasoline increase — which passed through the refineries from BRL 3.86 to BRL 4.06 per liter, up 5.18%, on the 18th — it still does not appear in the survey carried out weekly by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). However, if the consumer takes into account the prices of the gas stations, you can know where the fuel can be more into account. EXTRA researched the ANP website and selected stations in the city of Rio and in other municipalities in the state where it is possible to fill up for a little less. Check it out below.

Keep an eye on prices
Keep an eye on prices

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the two posts cheaper in the capital are in the North Zone: in Rio Comprido, the liter is selling at R$7,190, and in Olaria, at R$7,290. In Baixada Fluminense, a liter of gasoline costs R$7,190 at a gas station in Duque de Caxias and R$7,090 in São João de Meriti. In Niterói and São Gonçalo, prices are R$7,350 and R$7,340, respectively.

In the Lagos Region, it is possible to find a liter of gasoline for R$ 7,490, in Iguabinha, district of Araruama. In Cabo Frio (R$7,880) and Saquarema (R$7,870), the value per liter is already close to R$8.

To save money, you need search. On the ANP website (preco.anp.gov.br), for example, it is possible to consult the values ​​by state and municipalities. In addition, the portal provides information on ethanol, gasoline with additives, natural gas (CNG) and even 13kg bottled gas (LPG).

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Gilberto Braga, economist and professor at Ibmec/RJ and Fundação D. Cabral, explains that drivers need to keep an eye on prices in stations along the way which it usually does.

“If the driver has to drive a lot, the driver will end up using more gas, and the savings of just a few cents will not justify the additional consumption to find the station,” he explains.

More than R$ 8: hold your pocket!

In some places the price is more than R$8, as in three gas stations in Flamengo, in the South Zone of Rio: the liter costs R$8,090, R$8,290 and R$8,45. The highest value was found in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone, for R$ 8,990.

Angra dos Reis and Petrópolis have a liter of gasoline at R$ 8,090. In Itaperuna, the price goes to R$ 8,140. In Três Rios, fuel costs R$ 8,040.

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Less expensive liter in other municipalities in the state

Angra dos Reis

Jacuecanga Post, on Avenida Raul Pompeia s/nº, area A, white flag: BRL 8,090


Riviera Del Sol Auto Service, on Rodovia Amaral Peixoto s/nº, Km 94.5, white flag: BRL 7,490

Barra do Piraí

Auto Posto Maracanã, at Rua Paulo Fernandes 224, white flag: BRL 7,880

Soft bar

BM University Post, on Rua Dr. Mario Ramos 273, downtown, white flag: BRL 7,590

purple Belford

New Vision Gas Station of Lote XV, on Avenida Leonel de Moura Brizola, white flag: BRL 7,390

Cabo Frio

Itajuru Post in Cabo Frio, at Avenida Julia Kubstchek 3, in the Center, white flag: BRL 7,880


Arara Fluminense Comércio de Combustíveis, on Avenida Alberto Torres 100, downtown, Raízen flag: BRL 7,790

Duke of Caxias

Bentivi de Caxias Gas Station, at Rua Joaquim Peçanha 1.390, in Parque Lafaiete, white flag: BRL 7,190


Auto Posto Geranius, at Avenida Vinte e Dois de Maio 6.900, in Venda das Pedras, white flag: BRL 7,290


Itaguaí Auto Center, at Estrada Ary Parreiras 553, Lot 1, in São Francisco Xavier, white flag: BRL 7,490


Itavana Gas Station, at Rua Coronel Jose Bastos 894, at the Airport, white flag: BRL 8,140


LV Station in Macaé, at Avenida Carlos A. Tinoco Garcia 1.852, in Jardim Sol Y Mar, Vibra Energia flag: BRL 7,990


Renaza de Magé Gas Station, on the Rio-Teresópolis Highway 16.886, in Santa Dalila, white flag: BRL 7,690

Sissy boy

Amrx Comercio de Combustíveis Station, on Rodovia Amaral Peixoto 0, area 018, white flag: BRL 7,390


Nossa Senhora Aparecida Post, at Estrada Getúlio Moura 2.075, in the Center, white flag: BRL 7,490


Post Iccar, at Alameda São Boaventura 524, in Fonseca, white flag: BRL 7,350

Nova Friburgo

Vila Nova Friburgo Post, at Avenida Presidente Costa e Silva 741, in the Center, white flag: BRL 7,550

New Iguaçu

Netinho Gas Station, on Rua Dr. Barros Junior 1511, downtown, white flag: BRL 7,490


Auto Posto Dona Isabel, at Rua Doutor Sa Earp 555, in Morin, white flag: BRL 8,090

Bd-2 Auto Posto Ltda, at Avenida Presidente Vargas 301, in Campos Elíseos, white flag: BRL 7,490

beautiful river

Auto Posto Primeirão de Rio Bonito, at Avenida Martinho de Almeida 20, in Mangueirinha, Vibra Energia flag: BRL 7,390

Saint Anthony of Padua

CNG Pádua Comercio de Combustível, on Estrada Pádua – Pirapetinga s/nº, Km 01, white flag: BRL 7,650

San Francisco de Itabapoana

Auto Posto Santa Clara, on Rodovia São Francisco Gargaú s/nº, block 31, in Praia de Santa Clara, Vibra Energia flag: BRL 7,870

Sao Goncalo

Auto Posto Monteiros, at Rua Doutor Nilo Peçanha 678, in Estrela do Norte, Vibra Energia flag: BRL 7,340

St. Johns Wood

Auto Posto Marrakesh, at Rua Joao Matos Filho s/nº, lot 71, in Parque Alian, white flag: BRL 7,090


Anta 3D Service Station, on Highway BR-393 s/nº, Km 37, in Anta, Vibra Energia flag: BRL 7,990


Pin Point Auto Serviço de Combustíveis, at Avenida Saquarema 3.151, in Porta Roca, Alesat flag: BRL 7,870


Teresópolis Station, at Rua Waldir Barbosa Moreira 55, downtown, white flag: BRL 7,350

three rivers

Treriense Gas Station, at Rua Nelson Viana 552, in Portão Vermelho, white flag: BRL 8,040


Combustíveis Valença, in Praça Dr. Paulo de Frontin 249 F, Center, white flag: BRL 7,890

Round Round

Pares Metalúrgico Fuel Station, on Rodovia dos Metalúrgicos 1.200, in São Geraldo, white flag: BRL 7,680

Source: ANP – Survey carried out from June 12 to 18

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