With minimal clothes, Paolla Oliveira lifts her butt when posing for a click next to Diogo Nogueira: “saudade”


With nostalgia, Paolla takes advantage of the famous Instagram tbt (Throwback Thursday) used to remember good times and lives a nostalgic day next to her beloved

Photo: reproduction of Diogo Nogueira's official Instagram
Photo: reproduction of Diogo Nogueira’s official Instagram

Paola Oliveira took advantage of the beginning of the night of this Thursday (23) to kill the nostalgia of a super special trip that he made next to the groom, Diogo Nogueira. THE muse used your personal social network profile Instagram and shared a tbt (Throwback Thursday), acronym used to remember important records on Thursdays.

nostalgic, the actress chose two photos and published them at once in sequence. To remember the good times, Paolla chose photos cuddling with her beloved in a photo shoot on the beach in which he showed his toned and curvy body when posing only in a thong bikini. In the caption, she took the opportunity to make a beautiful declaration of love for her beloved, talking about the longing.

“Tbt missing Diogo and Noronha”he wrote Paola Oliveira. It didn’t take long for the photos to become the biggest hit among his followers, and the actress attracted looks and drew praise for the beauty displayed: “Hail Mary, what a beautiful woman”said a follower. “Perfection”said another. “Beauty”declared one more. “An ass is an ass”blurted out another fan.

At the moment Paolla Oliveira lives the character Pat in the soap opera Cara e Coragemplot at 7 am Rede Globoand for reasons of recording the novel, the muse is distant from her boyfriend. Diogo Nogueira went to Indonesia to surf with friends and also shared a romantic memory with his beloved, in which he captioned: “TBT to kill the longing for my Flower of Cana”.

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