Zema praises PM against bandits in Itajub: ‘Valentia’ – Gerais

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The criminals caused panic in those who lived nearby. (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

The governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema (Novo) praised the action of the Military Police during the attack on a bank branch in Itajub, in the south of Minas Gerais. The criminals were heavily armed and left soldiers injured in the chase. A suspected participant in the robbery was arrested.

“PMMG acted once again with courage in Itajub, in the south of the state. The criminal action left 4 police officers injured, which are not life-threatening. A bandit is already arrested and the PMMG’s elite troop follows in the capture of the remaining gang. Criminals here will not have time.”

One of the four wounded soldiers had to undergo surgery, but he is not in danger of dying. A bystander suffered minor injuries.

The crime took place on Wednesday night (22). The action of the bandits caused panic in residents and in those who were walking on the street at the time of the robbery. Gunshots were heard in and around the city center.

According to the Municipality of Itajub, the target was the Caixa Econmica Federal branch. So far there is no information on what the thieves managed to steal.

According to PMMG, the action is a practice of the “Novo Cangao”, in which gangs cause panic in cities – usually in the countryside – with well-elaborated, aggressive robberies that generate great repercussions on the bands.

Investigations indicate that the actions are planned and also carried out by members of criminal gangs, mainly from the First Capital Command (PCC), in So Paulo.

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