15 cm long leech found in girl’s throat with shortness of breath

A 5-year-old girl was taken to the hospital due to breathing problems she had been experiencing for several days. After some tests, doctors were shocked to find a leech in her throat.

According to Yahoo News, the child was referred to the Department of Pediatrics at Wenshan People’s Hospital in China on May 30. She suffered from bouts of coughing and shortness of breath. The parents did not know what could have caused the girl’s disorder, at first they imagined that she had a bad cold and dyspnea – difficulty breathing.

At times, the patient complained of chest tightness and fatigue due to breathing difficulties.

Doctors performed tests on the girl’s throat to identify the elements that would be harming the airways. They were astonished when they noticed the presence of a strange living being obstructing the muscular passage near the larynx.

The specialist and a team from the health unit managed to remove the creature, which was actually a leech, approximately 15 cm long.

girl - Press Release/Wenshan Prefecture People's Hospital of Yunnan Province - Press Release/Wenshan Prefecture People's Hospital of Yunnan Province

5-year-old girl admitted to hospital in China

Image: Handout/Wenshan Prefecture People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province

The procedure took place without causing harm to the girl, who recovered quickly and was later discharged from the hospital.

The case is not unprecedented. In 2019, a man had an itchy throat and coughed up blood for months before the cause of the discomfort was discovered. After seeking medical help, it was discovered that he had a 10 cm long leech in his windpipe.

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