3 mistakes people make when brushing their teeth

Brushing your teeth needs to be a habit routine and constant in our daily lives. Thus, we avoid the appearance of cavities, bacteria, canker sores and even oral diseases in the gums and cheeks. However, there are some mistakes when brushing teeth that will negate the positive effect of this task, even if you do it every day.

So here’s what not to do to have an efficient brushing.

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Using the wrong brush

Experts point out that healthy toothbrushes are those with light, soft bristles. That’s because the dirt between the teeth is easy to remove, without the need for brutal brushing.

In addition, rough bristles can complicate oral health, injure the gums and cause bleeding. Therefore, the ideal is to choose the most suitable one and change it frequently, as over time the brush will lose its softness.

For example, some studies show that the ideal is to change the toothbrush every month, with a tolerance of two months. After that time, your brush may not even have any more effect.

make the wrong moves

Once again we need to say that there is no need to act brutally when brushing your teeth. In this way, the correct thing is to make smooth and circular movements, calmly, that are able to remove the dirt. However, people often brush hard in repetitions from back to front or vice versa. However, this method, in addition to being inefficient, can also hurt your mouth and complicate brushing.

Brush your teeth too fast

Finally, a common mistake is to believe that just “running” the toothbrush is enough. In fact, the task should take a while, but not too long, with two minutes being enough time. In this case, the important thing is to ensure the reach of all areas of your mouth, in an attempt to be as thorough as possible in brushing. With these simple acts, you can already generate impressive results in cleaning, blocking bad breath and oral diseases.

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