Anatel seizes 5,700 illegal products in Amazon warehouses — Português (Brasil)

This Friday (24/6), the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) consolidated the inspection numbers carried out in the warehouses and distribution centers of the online sales platform Amazon in the cities of Betim (MG) and Cajamar (SP). 5,700 non-approved telecommunications products were seized during the three-day inspection that began last Tuesday. 67,000 pieces of equipment were inspected by Anatel agents.

The Agency’s Inspection Superintendence estimates that the seized equipment, if sold, would be worth approximately R$500,000. Among the products identified without the mandatory Anatel approval, cellular chargers, portable batteries and wireless headphones stand out. The approval is a record that guarantees the consumer that the product meets the quality and safety standards established in the country and is mandatory for products that emit radiofrequency and may be required for equipment related to these. For the consumer to know if the equipment is approved by Anatel, he must check if the approval seal is present on the product, in the manual or on the box, as well as consult the Agency’s portal.

Anatel’s advisor, Moisés Moreira, and the Superintendent of Inspection, Hermano Tercius, coordinated the Agency’s action at Amazon. According to Moreira, “Anatel has been working constantly with the marketplaces to block the publication of advertisements for irregular products”. He pointed out that “Amazon fully cooperated with the inspection agents, providing the proper identification and verification of the products sold by its various sellers”. For Tercius, “an inspection action like this provides security to the consumer by guaranteeing the acquisition of telecommunications products of proven quality and that do not jeopardize the physical integrity of the consumer and his family.”

This is Anatel’s second major on-site inspection action in distribution centers of online retail networks. The intelligence work, which monitored the products offered on the Amazon portal, was relevant to the action. For the inspection, the presence of 16 Agency inspectors in Amazon warehouses was necessary. Anatel also had the support of the Smuggling and Embezzlement Division of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service in São Paulo (Direp), in addition to the support of the Specialized Federal Attorney at Anatel (PFE-Anatel).

combat piracy. When purchasing a non-approved product, the consumer does not have the guarantee of technical assistance in the event of a defect, nor, for example, the guarantee that that equipment will not cause a domestic accident. If the consumer purchases an irregular product, it is recommended that he return or exchange the product with the seller. In case of failure, you can contact consumer protection agencies and file a complaint through Anatel’s service channels.

Anatel’s inspection activity at Amazon is part of the Agency’s Action Plan to Combat Piracy (PACP). Since 2018, the Agency’s inspection actions together with other bodies have already removed from the market about 4.6 million irregular products with a total estimated value of R$ 500 million. On Anatel’s website, it is possible to follow the results of inspections carried out by the regulatory body.

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