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Until now, the minimum age for gun purchases was 18, but without any verification required. He was the day he turned 18 than the gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school last month.

Crosses placed at the entrance to Robb High School in Uvalde, Texas, in honor of the victims of the school attack. The shooter had just turned 18. — Photo: Marco Bello/REUTERS

The new law, passed this week in the US Congress, is the biggest change in three decades in the country’s gun purchase legislation.

“God willing, many lives will be saved,” said Biden, who referred to relatives of the victims of the Texas attack, who called for changes to the law. “The message was for us to do something. Today, we did.”

The new law allows US states to check criminal records and mental illness records of people who want to buy guns, and block the sale if they deem it necessary. This would be the case for people denounced for domestic violence.

In addition, the measure also provides funds for mental health programs and help in schools after gun attacks.

In a speech on Saturday, Biden said the law “does not provide everything I wanted,” in reference to restrictions imposed by Republican congressmen and senators to pass the measure, but that “it includes many actions that I have been asking for a long time and that will save lives”.

Supreme Court against

Also this week, in a decision that runs counter to the new law, the US Supreme Court ruled that Americans have a fundamental right to carry firearms in public in a non-ostensible manner.

The decision, which comes as the country grapples with a wave of shootings and gun massacres, overturns a New York law that required permission to carry a firearm in public, even if it is stored.

Days later, however, New York and other states said they would continue to require permission for citizens to carry guns in public.

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