Collector who amassed $2 million worth of CS:GO items hacked

Valve is actively taking action to reverse the sales of stolen digital goods

In addition to the strong competitive aspects, one of the factors that attract many players to Counter Strike: Global Offensive are the cosmetic options offered by the title. Many of them are considered rare and become true collector’s pieces with real value – which also makes them a target for criminals, who this week they stole the items from the famous collector known as HFB.

On Twitter, content creator ohnePixel stated that the collector was the victim of a hack that resulted in the theft of more than $2 million worth of rare skins for the game. He claims that the content, which was already being marketed, included some of the most well-known modifications among the community, including names like Souvenir AWP Dragon Lores and No-Star Karambit.

In the case of No-Star Karambit, the rarity of the item was guaranteed by the fact that it only exists due to a glitch that has already been fixed — in other words, there is no way for new units to be created. The collector’s real identity is not known, but rumors indicate that the name HFB is used by a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family who collects CS:GO items despite not even playing the game.

Sold items are being removed from inventories

The theft and resale of items were accompanied by profiles such as zipelCSowner of a system that promises the exchange and sales of skins in the game, and at buff163, which operates a similar market. According to them, the items sold began to be withdrawn soon after the profiles that had purchased themin a sign that Valve has decided to interfere in the situation — something it rarely does.

The company seems to have gone further and reversed some of the purchases made, recovering parts of the HFB collection. As a result, there are increasing indications that the theft of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins was not carried out thanks to a flaw in the user’s security, but by the use of some loophole in Steam itselffor which the company could not deny responsibility.

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Until the moment Valve has not made any official statement about what happened.which, if it is actually associated with a failure in your systemscan put the gaming community on alert. The company itself tends to benefit from the skin trading and sales market.since, whenever an operation is made, it automatically receives a percentage of the invested amounts.


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Source: GamesRadar

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