Condominiums invest in comfort and practicality in post-pandemic adaptations | Prestes way

That the pandemic brought many changes in which we all need to adapt, we already know. Homes have become extensions of work, our daily training and leisure time. The post-pandemic consolidated some of these changes and adaptations in our lives and in our routine. And the real estate market, as well as other sectors of society, is a reflection of this new scenario.

For the architect Celina Vanat, coordinator of Urban Planning at Prestes Construtora, the pandemic was also a moment of reflection on the feeling of living and enjoying moments in a unique way, contemplating nature and valuing relationships, and this is mainly reflected in housing. . “Spending more time in the residential environment made us value these spaces even more. And in response to this new reality and this feeling, we revamped ourselves and brought new trends, always focused on the quality of our projects”highlights.

Quick and practical access to basic items brings convenience to residents — Photo: Photo publicity

With the consolidation of the home office routine, for example, the need arises to bring more facilities to those who live and work in the same environment. Therefore, she explains that Prestes started to develop environments that favor this practice. “We designed a work with a multidisciplinary team, within Prestes, which ensured the combination of modernity with comfort and safety”, explains. She says that spaces such as a mini-market, so that the resident has access to purchases without having to leave the condominium; the delivery box, which makes it possible to concentrate deliveries in one place, with more safety for the products and also for those who frequent the condominiums and the coworking space, which opens space for common areas to carry out work and activities away from distractions is a trend of a path of no return. “All these environments were designed and implemented to facilitate this new routine, accompanied by a new market look at these needs that did not even exist before”. explains Celine.

All this perception is allied, according to her, to the investment that Prestes makes when it comes to landscaping and the appreciation of environments with green in condominiums. “These spaces break the tone and provide several benefits, such as a feeling of tranquility, as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle”, argues. For her, this concept known as biophilia has become even more relevant. “In addition to beauty, they are environments that give real estate projects more quality of life and differentiated environments so that the resident can feel and live the true experience of living in a Prestes condominium”concludes.

Spaces such as Delivery box become a trend for residents of condominiums — Photo: Publicity photo

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