Daughter of Gloria Pires? Meet Julia Dalavia’s family, the Guta de Pantanal

Julia Dalavia, the Guta de Pantanal (photo: Globo/Joo Miguel Jnior)

Julia Dalaviaa gutta in wetlanddaughter of Gloria Pires? A lot of people wonder if the two actresses are related. After all, they are very similar.

Besides, Julia is always confused with Antonia Moraisthe veteran’s second daughter, the result of her relationship with Orlando Morais.

As we have already pointed out, Julia Dalavia is not the daughter of Gloria Pires. They have no degree of kinship, they just worked together on the soap opera O Outro Lado do Paraso.

Gloria mother of four children: the well-known Cleo, from her relationship with Fbio Jnior; like this antnia, A-N-A and bentoall related to Orlando.

Julia Dalavia next to Gloria Pires (photo: photo:)

Who are Julia Dalavia’s parents?

In fact, Julia Dalavia, daughter of a lawyer, Fernando Dalavia. Your mother Marcia Dalavia. Guta de Pantanal’s parents live in Rio de Janeiro and are not famous.

Julia is 24 years old, from Rio de Janeiro and started early in her acting career. She did some plays and movies before debuting on television.

His first role was in the soap opera in family, in 2014, as Helena in the young phase. Afterwards, the role went to Bruna Marquezine and ended with Julia Lemmertz.

In Boogie Oogie, she won the role of Alessandra, a rebellious teenager. The highlight yielded the escalation to Old Chicoas a young Maria Tereza, shared role with Camila Pitanga.

Guta (Julia Dalavia) in Pantanal (photo: photo:)

career turn

But the turning point in Julia’s career came in The Days Were Like This. She was cast in the soap opera after a good performance in the series justice.

In the plot that portrayed the dictatorship, lived Nanda, a young woman who discovers she has HIV. The plot addressed the beginning of the disease in the country. Without resources, the character died, a scene that demanded a lot from the actress.

In 2017, she was the daughter of Gloria Pires, but only in fiction. Julia played Adriana, daughter of Beth (Gloria’s character) in The Other Side of Paradise. She grew up without her mother, but met her again years later and had her life saved by her after a transplant.

Julia Dalavia as Laila in Earth orphans (photo: photo:)

Before Pantanal, Julia starred in her first soap opera. She was Laila in earth rfos, a serious girl who left her country as a refugee after her brother’s death. In addition, she was running away from her arranged marriage to Sheikh Aziz (Herson Capri), but fell in love with his henchman, Jamil (Renato Ges).

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