Ex-BBB 22 breaks silence, reveals dissatisfaction with Arthur Aguiar’s victory and vents


Three months after the end of the program, a former participant decided to speak out on the matter.

Reproduction/Gshow - Arthur Aguiar at BBB 22.
Reproduction/Gshow – Arthur Aguiar at BBB 22.

The participants of BBB 22 were responsible for starring in some remarkable moments, such as the friendship of Pedro Scooby and Paulo André, the Arthur Aguiar (who became the champion of the reality show), the union of the comadres group and much more. After the end of the program, some members managed to keep up, such as Douglas Silva and Jade Picon, for example.

Last night, Friday (24), Linn da Quebrada, former participant of Big Brother Brazil, participated in the podPah, a podcast presented by Igão and Mítico, and was very dissatisfied with the result of the program. The artist confessed that she felt bad when she found out she lost her “favorite” spot to Arthur, and it got worse when she heard from some people that, in fact, she was the moral winner of the reality show.

I believe I entered with the possibility of winning. I thought I was going to win. There was a feeling of ‘what the f*ck, I lost, fuck!’. I went in very confident with the possibility of winning. But I think ‘Big Brother’ taught me how to lose.”she began. “I think it’s a process of trying to make myself a little lighter, when people say ‘moral champion’. But I lost, guys, I lost! You have to face it. so much for you’, I feel even more of a failure“, she said, revealing that some lines still hurt her.

She also revealed that, after three months of the end of confinement, she can better accept defeat. “I feel like I gained a lot of things by leaving. Today I understand that. I don’t carry it as bitterness, as many people say, but it’s a process of acknowledging what I gained by losing”revealed.

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