Ex-pastor’s boyfriend, Bruna Karla’s gay friend speaks out

Gospel singer Bruna Karla is being detonated on social media after viralizing an excerpt from an interview with her on the podcast ‘Positively’, presented by Karina Bacchi. In it, the artist makes a series of statements about same-sex marriage.

Bruna reports the case of a gay friend who asked if she would sing at his wedding. “I looked at him and I was very sincere: ‘When you marry a woman, full of the power of God, I will. The day I accept to sing at your wedding with another man I can stop singing about the Bible and about Jesus’, fired the singer.

“To my dear gay listeners, what God has for your life is deliverance, what God has for your life is something he dreamed of for you, Jesus didn’t dream that for you. I get emotional because if people understood, if we open our mouths to say, it’s eternal death, it’s hell, have you ever thought about living in eternal damnation, living in that horrible place?”, she continued.

The friend in question is Bruno di Simone, a youtuber, who is dating writer and former pastor Felipe Heiderich.

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Bruno used social media and posted a video of his speech and a text confirming that he was the friend Bruna mentions in the interview, but that his request was not exactly as she described.

“When I invited Bruna Karla to be at my wedding, I was still single. I remember saying: ‘I want Ivete Sangalo, Iza, Anitta, Tati Quebra Barraco, Gloria Groove, Ludmilla and you there.’ to be a gospel singer, but for being my friend. At the time, she said that she couldn’t sing, even for her audience. Okay! But there was no subject about hell or about me being in sin. Even because if she did, friendship would be broken there”.

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And he reveals that he was surprised by the friend’s speech: “I couldn’t think it’s normal for a friend to say such nonsense. I would never admit it to anyone,” he wrote on Instagram.

“This video hurt me so much,” he concluded.


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