Google eliminates Android Auto from smartphone

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Google has removed the Android Auto app from the Android operating system for smartphone use only. The application was used as a simplified and adapted reproduction of the program used in multimedia for use on the mobile device.

The mobile version of Android Auto should already be inoperative on several devices, because when accessed, it informs that “Android Auto is now only available for car screens”.

Launched in 2015, Android Auto mobile served to make life easier for those who did not have a car with the projection for the multimedia application, a problem seen until recently in some new cars, including luxury ones.

The program’s mobile basically reproduced the navigation, as well as the possibility of listening to music via Spotify, sending and receiving WhatsApp messages and making calls, as well as receiving them.

For those who still don’t have a car with multimedia equipped with a projection for Android Auto, the solution is to use the so-called “Google Assistant driving mode”.

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With it, you can theoretically access Google Maps to search for routes, read messages received through the virtual assistant, make calls and open playlists in streaming apps, among other features, without using your hands.

However, in practice, the functionality is very poor and is far from what was offered in Android Auto, even if it forced you to use your hand.

For those who really need all the features, there is no other way out, but for those who only use browsing, you can use Waze, which even plays playlists of Spotify songs.

Now, if this is still bad, as well as the native use of Google Maps, the best thing is to buy a car with multimedia receptive for Android Auto or acquire a parallel multimedia with the projection for this application.

Currently, both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay are essential for daily driving in large urban centers, precisely because of these two apps. Today, most new cars already come with this projection.

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