Grêmio adopts an inflexible stance and Romildo is warned that STJD will judge a case capable of generating a loss of points in Serie B


Cruzeiro, notified of the same problem, took another path and avoided the trial

Photo: Rodrigo Fatturi/Grêmio
Photo: Rodrigo Fatturi/Grêmio

O Guild participated in a hearing on Tuesday (24) and did not accept the approval of the disciplinary transaction proposed by the Sports Attorney’s Office. The Club’s positioning will result in judgment in the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) for discriminatory chants by the fans. The case occurred when Immortal faced Cruzeiro, on May 8, in Belo Horizonte. The information is from

In the days following the duel, the Pampas tricolor triggered the court with news of infringement, with a document in which he pointed out homophobic chants, sung by Cruzeirenses in provocation to the grêmio fans who were following the game. In this way, Cruzeiro was also the subject of a complaint by the STJD.

However, Clube Mineiro opted for a different path and upon accepting the agreement, with the Prosecutor’s Office, the same proposed to Grêmio, it was released from judgment and will have to pay a fine and promote educational and pedagogical measures on the subject. However, Cruzeiro countered with a Notice of Infraction in the STJD, declaring that Grêmio members sang the song: “Maria plays volleyball”.

Now, the Grêmio will be judged framed in an article that addresses the practice of discrimination. The trial is not yet scheduled, however, a range of punishments will be under consideration. The penalties imposed can be a fine of between R$100 and R$100 thousand and even the loss of points in Serie B. In the latter case, what will matter is if a large number of people chanted the offenses at the same time.

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