If there was any doubt that Petrobras (PETR4) tied the price of ethanol at the plants, there is no more – Money Times

Ethanol was sold in greater volume until gasoline reflected high (Image: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)

until the Petrobras (PETR4) did not change the value of gasoline, the ethanol hydrous did not come from declines, in the average of the stations, proportional to the strong and consecutive drops in the plants and distributors, as shown by ANP’s retail data up to the business week ending on the 17th, in contrast to the prices recorded in the two previous segments of the chain.

This coming week, it is likely that biofuel will once again show rigidity between progress and stability, at least, after the state-owned company readjusted the fuel from Petroleum by more than 5% on the 17th.

The industries accumulated a high of 1.75% from Monday to Friday (R$ 3.0644 per liter, tax and freight free), despite the fact that the intermediaries in the Paulínia hub (SP) showed drops in sales to the owners of the pumps on a daily basis. . They closed yesterday at R$ 3.134/l.

In both cases, according to a survey by the Cepeawhich is the main reference in the market, as well as the ANP.

The distributor segment paid more for ethanol while it finished cleaning its inventories, as the gas stations also got rid of the surplus, and should sell the product from Monday with prices reflecting the rise of manufacturers.

THE Gasoline rose at pumps over the last few days, to 2.2% on average in Brazil, according to the regulatory agency.

This, indeed, motivated the anticipatory movement of the mills, even with the offer of a larger harvest and the fear of the ICMS impacting the producer, who predicted the largest spawning in the two front segments with the most expensive ethanol competitor.

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