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This Friday morning (24), Banco Inter announced the launch of its new product: the Orange Nation Collection, developed in partnership with the Nephew brand. According to the institution, the collection “reflects our essence, which is to simplify people’s lives”.

It is a “cool collection, free and ready to welcome everyone who wants to be part of the Orange Nation”. Orange Nation was launched in celebration of reaching 20 million customers, a number that was recently achieved. Check out the video of the collection launch below:

Inter launches Orange Nation

The current number of Inter customers is greater than the population of some countries in the world, for this reason, the institution understood that the combination of all the institution’s customers forms a nation, the Orange Nation. “Every self-respecting nation has its own way of dressing and with us it is no different,” explained the digital bank.

With that in mind, Inter created a collection “inspired by the concept of street wear, and has different types of options”. The collection comprises pieces such as: t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, socks, skateboard decks, notebooks and even a drink.

You can check out the pieces in the collection through the Orange Nation website, and those who are already customers of Banco Inter can buy the pieces through the Super App. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Access the “Inter Shop”;
  • Click on “Buy Direct”;
  • Search for “Interstore”.

Another advantage for you who are already part of this nation is that, when making purchases in the collection, you receive direct cashback in your account and do not compromise your Inter card.

However, Orange Nation is an inclusive nation, so if you don’t already have an Inter account, you can also purchase the pieces from the collection through the Inter Shop website.

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Image: Orange Nation’s official website.

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