Junior makes a statement about illness, Sandy confirms and begs for help

Sandy and Junior made an appeal on social media

Sandy and Junior worried their followers on the morning of this Saturday, June 25, with a publication they made on their social networks. It turns out that they formed great friends over the years of their career, including with the band Sepultura. One of the members of the group has been going through a delicate moment.

That’s because the artist’s wife is in need of blood donations. Mobilized for the cause, the brothers decided to publish literature to ask for help. “Today we came to ask for your help in an important and delicate situation. Our artist Andreas Kisser’s wife needs blood donations,” Junior began.

So we ask all Sepultura fans and SG followers to donate if they can. Pat is a wonderful person. Please help”, added Junior. “Anyone who can help, please make this donation. My beloved comadre and many other people need it”, added Sandy, also involved with the cause.

Sandy asked her friend for help (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Sandy asked her friend for help (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Junior also made an appeal (Photo: Reproduction)
Junior also made an appeal (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)


Last night, Monday (20), Sandy’s husband went to the cinema to watch the movie ‘Lightyear’, which he recently released. With that, he used social networks to send a message to Marcos Mion, who, for those who don’t know, dubs the voice of the main character of the film in Brazil.

In the stories of his official profile on Instagram, Lucas Lima shared a photo of the movie screen with the character ‘Buzz Lightyear’ and wrote: “Very fun! Marcos Mion rocked the dubbing!”.

Lucas Lima with Sandy (Photo: Disclosure)

Lucas Lima opens up reality after hearing what Sandy’s father, Xororó, thinks of him: “You call”

Sandy and Lucas Lima (Reproduction)

Sandy and husband deliver confusion involving Globo presenter and confirm: “It will never be seen again”

Júnior and Xororó (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

After assuming sexuality, Junior opens up his relationship with Xororó: “Father is not just about putting his son in the world”

In addition, Sandy’s husband also joked and revealed that he was a little disappointed with the film, after all, at no time did the main character say the phrase ‘To infinity and beyond’, which is a typical way for the Globo presenter to speak.

“But I can’t hide my disappointment at not having rolled an ‘ao infitola and beyond,” he wrote. It is worth mentioning that Marcos Mion reposted Lucas Lima’s story and also wrote: “Praise of a guy who understands what he’s talking about”.

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