Leandra Leal shows ‘spoiler’ of Pantanal and the web is delighted: ‘What a baby’

Credit: Playback/Instagram

Leandra Leal as Juma’s daughter in the first version of Pantanal (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

wetland is holding the viewers attention. As many know, the original version of the novel is from 1990 and Leandra Leal was part of the first cast. That was the “spoiler” she released this Friday (24). That’s because she played Juma’s daughter, a moment that hasn’t happened in the current version. In addition, Leal published behind-the-scenes photos of the soap opera.

Fans loved to know. “What a baby”, wrote Camila Pitanga. “Is that you!!! Wow, that’s cool,” a follower was startled. “Damn, I remember her well, saying that “I only turn jaguar when I’m angry!” But I didn’t know it was you,” said another. “I clearly remember you in the last chapter. Beautiful soap opera, your mother was one of my favorite characters”, shared another.

Earlier this week, the actress posted a conversation between her mother, Ângela Leal, the first Maria Bruaca, and Isabel Teixeira, the actress who plays the character in the current plot. “Two generations separated by time, but united by the strength of a character who carries the opportunity to make so many women reflect on the problems they need to face and, with her, understand that they are not alone, that they can go further, that they can be more, that are free. Long live our Bruacas!” she wrote.

Isabel Teixeira is even the daughter of Renato Teixeira, who played the farmhand Quim in the 1990 version. Chico Teixeira, his brother, gave life to the same character in the current Pantanal.

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