Luan Santana, supposedly, gives a show of stardom in Bahia, the mayor revolts and sends a message: “Lack of respect”


The information was released by columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles

Reproduction/Official Instagram of Luan Santana - Luan during the show.
Reproduction/Official Instagram of Luan Santana – Luan during the show.

The singer Luan Santana found himself in the midst of a controversy with the mayor of the city of Entre Rios, in Bahia. According to columnist Leo Dias, from the metropolisesthe singer and his team would have given a show of stardom during a presentation in the city, last Friday (24). In an alleged leaked audio, the mayor of the city, Manoelito Argolo Júnior, was revolted by the singer’s demands.

Among the requirements would be specific drink brands, food, boxes of gum and that no other artist would perform before the singer. “We provided plates of the size and brand he wanted, the cutlery had to be Tramontina, the specific mineral water with the name he wanted, five boxes of Trident gum, Gatorade of the flavor he wanted, the energy drink of the brand he wanted. wanted, the type of whiskey he wanted, the type of vodka he wanted, everything was strictly adhered to”guarantees Manoelito, who is considering the idea of ​​filing a lawsuit to obtain a refund of the fee.

“We cannot admit this, so as not to harm the stallholders, the merchants and all those who saved their savings to sell their beer, their barbecue, their acarajé”, said the mayor, when commenting on the refund request. According to the leaked audio, Luan’s band would have collected the instruments and left without explanation, in addition to the president saying that this would not have been the first time that Luan has given a star show. “Lack of respect. At the Summer Festival in Salvador, she played two songs and retired, which took place in Vitória. It’s too much stardom”rages.

On the other hand, in a note sent to Leo Dias, the singer’s team told their side of the story, stating that they “did not have the least amount of structure and security to perform the show”. “We talked to the mayor and local production, who tried to reverse the situation so that we could introduce ourselves, however, for the safety of our entire team and the technical problems already related, we chose to request a rescheduling. We were prevented from leaving with our bus that had its passage blocked, only released after more than two hours”said the note.

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