‘Pantanal’: Tadeu hears that he is not the son of José Leôncio

Tadeu, in turn, will start a romance with Zefa (Paulo Barbosa), the girl who will work at Maria Bruaca's house and later on her father's farm, José Leôncio (Photo: Reproduction)José Loreto as Tadeu in a scene from ‘Pantanal’ (Photo: Reproduction)

In the next chapters of the novel “wetland“, Tadeu (José Loreto) will hear from Filó (Dira Paes) that he is not the son of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira).

Everything will happen when Guta (Julia Dalavia) insinuates in an argument with Filó that Tadeu doesn’t look like a Leôncio. Intrigued, the boy will look for his mother a little later to talk about it.


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In the conversation, the pawn will ask Filó to say once and for all if he is really the farmer’s son and, on impulse, Filó will answer no, but will explain that Tadeu saved Zé’s life.

In shock, Tadeu will ask for explanations. Filó, then, will come to his senses and change his speech, saying that he only said what he wanted to hear and confirming that José Leôncio is indeed his father.

Tadeu will remain suspicious, but Filó will swear that he is telling the truth and will ask for lightning to fall on his head if he was lying. The pawn will then be convinced.


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