Rodrigo Mussi denies rumors about participation in ‘A Fazenda’ and shares new career dream: “I’m focused”


Ex-BBB stated that he is focused on his recovery and participating in another reality is not in his plans

Reproduction: Instagram/Rodrigo Mussi
© Reproduction: Instagram/Rodrigo MussiReproduction: Instagram/Rodrigo Mussi

Rodrigo Mussi, a former participant of BBB 22, is still adapting back to the routine, after suffering a serious car accident earlier this year. In the last few days, her name appeared as one of those quoted to participate in another reality show, this being “A Fazenda”, from Record TV.

Despite the indications, the influencer denied his participation and stated that he is focused on other areas of entertainment, in addition to still being in the recovery process: “I have frequent follow-up from doctors and therapists, it will still take a while to be 100%. It was a feeling of surprise until I understood what had happened. I just remembered getting in the car“, account.

Rodrigo shares that he is facing this period of life as a new opportunity and that he is preferring to live one day at a time: “I learned that each day is unique, we need to take each situation we go through and transform it into overcoming and strength to move on”.

As for the new area he wants to pursue, Mussi is excited and says studying to become a presenter: “I’m focused on resuming my projects and playing my career as a digital influencer and presenter. I was host of Lollapalooza and I will be at another festival, it was an amazing experience! I identified a lot, it’s definitely something I want to dedicate myself to. I am very dedicated and curious, since I left the BBB I have been studying to improve this side of me”said.

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