See 3 mistakes when driving that many people make thinking it’s right

Check out 3 habits that many people have when driving but that can cause serious damage. However, those who maintain these attitudes believe that they are saving or even preventing problems in the future.

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1 – Leave your foot on the car’s clutch pedal

If you are used to letting the pedal rest on the clutch foot, know that this is a classic mistake. This causes the part to wear out quickly and can cause further damage to the vehicle.

Anyone who drives well knows that there is an ideal part for resting right next to the pedal. Eliminate the habit of leaving your foot on the clutch as this will save you money and avoid headaches over time.

2 – Driving in neutral on descents

In the past, many people said that it was better to drive “toothless”, that is, to leave it in neutral on the descent. The objective was to save fuel, as the car cut off the injection of liquid into the engine when it was in neutral.

However, cars have long left the factory with an “electric fuel cutter” that is triggered whenever the car stops accelerating. Just don’t accelerate to save gasoline or ethanol. Also, leaving the car in neutral can damage several parts.

3 – Cross spine diagonally

You must have seen some drivers pass the speed bumps throwing the vehicle to the side. The impression is that they are dodging some obstacle. In fact, this is done to try to reduce the impact on the vehicle.

However, the effect of driving like this is just the opposite. Whenever you go over the speed bump diagonally, you are completely straining the structure of the vehicle. Over time, you run the risk of bending some very important piece of steel. If this happens, it is better to buy a new car than to fix the defect.

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