Want to save gas? 6 hybrid cars run 50km without fuel

  • Plug-in hybrid models could be an option in a phase of transition to all-electric mobility and amid the price hikes of diesel and gasoline.
  • The table analyzes the most economical models by energy consumption, measured in MJ/km (megajoule per kilometer)

(Emylly Alves, special for E-Investor) – Hybrid and electric cars can still be considered a novelty in the national market. But, given the possibility of saving money on fuel, sustainable vehicles are beginning to receive more attention from Brazilian consumers.

In the first quarter of 2022, the sector recorded a 115% growth in license plates in the country compared to the same period in 2021, according to the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE).

Plug-in hybrids are options in a transition phase to all-electric mobility amid price increases for diesel and gasoline. These vehicles have a combustion engine and an electric one, powered by batteries recharged in sockets.

In June this year, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) released a list of the most economical cars in Brazil. The table analyzes the most economical models by energy consumption, measured in MJ/km (megajoule per kilometer).

Vehicle evaluation and automotive research firm Kelley Blue Book has evaluated the most economical plug-in hybrid models in Brazil in 2022.

Electric vehicles with greater autonomy:

1. Volvo XC60 Recharge Inscription
Range in electric mode: 78 km
City consumption – 26.7 km/l
Road consumption – 24.3 km/l

2. Volvo XC90 T8 Recharge
Range in electric mode: 71 km
City consumption: 23.5 km/l
Road consumption: 21.2 km/l

3. BMW 330e M Sport
Range in electric mode: 66 km
City consumption: 21.7 km/l
Road consumption: 24.6 km/l

4. Mini Countryman SE All4
Range in electric mode: 57 km
City consumption: 23.3 km/l
Road consumption: 27 km/l

5. BMW 530e M Sport
Range in electric mode: 56 km
City consumption: 24 km/l
Road consumption: 25.8 km/l

6. Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid
Range in electric mode: 56 km
City consumption: 18.3 km/l
Road consumption: 18.7 km/l

Is it worth buying an electric car?

For financial planner Rosi Ferruzzi, electric cars come to minimize the cost effect of traditional fuels such as gasoline and ethanol. However, the specialist points out that buying an electric car in Brazil is still expensive and far from the reality of most Brazilians. Currently, the cheapest model does not sell for less than R$140,000 and the most expensive vehicle exceeds R$1 million.

“They are not produced on a large scale and depending on where they are manufactured and assembled, they can be even more expensive”, says Rosi Ferruzzi. Brazil already has some electric car factories, such as Movi Electric, which started producing mini electric vehicles in the interior of Paraná last year.

For those who can afford it, the acquisition of a sustainable vehicle can bring savings in the medium and long term, according to the expert. The company NeoCharge has developed a tool that compares electric and combustion-powered cars. Electrified cars can be up to 85% more economical than traditional ones.

The financial planner also warns that this is not the best time to finance the purchase of these vehicles, because of high interest rates.

“Regardless of the choice of which car to use, it is important to plan: having all the numbers to know the impacts that can have in the medium, short and long term”, he points out.

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