Who is handsome Bo Cruz?

The likes of Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum dominated the basketball news this month. After all, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA title in a close duel against the Boston Celtics. But there is another who has also stood out for his talent on the court, on the screen and his beauty. His name is: Juancho Hernangomez Geuer.

The Utah Jazz player is one of the stars of “Pitching High”, a new Netflix movie that features Adam Sandler in the cast. Hernangomez opposite the movie star.

In fact, the work has another big name in the NBA. The production is by SpringHill Company, which has among its partners LeBron James.

But who is Hernangomez?

Spanish, comes from a family of basketball players. His older brother plays for the Pelicans, his mother, Margarita, was a Eurobasket champion, and his father played for Real Madrid and Estudiantes, the team Hernangomez played for before joining the NBA.

And the draft?

Like Bo Cruz, Juancho also passed through the rookie selection in the NBA, but he didn’t wear the Celtics jersey. He was chosen by the Nuggets.


If in the movie your character has a mess that even involved the police, in the NBA he also suffered with the Timberwolves board that didn’t release Juancho to go to the Olympics.

Did you have Celtics?

His stay in Boston was after that episode, but it was short-lived. He was soon transferred to the Spurs until he finally made it to the Jazz.

How did it end up in the movie?

The player had no idea how to participate in the selection, as well as his brothers. “So we just put the camera in the kitchen and played. So it was a little crazy, because I don’t know what was expected of me,” he said.

Relationship beyond the courts

Juancho admitted that he didn’t follow Adam Sandler’s work much before recording with him. But he speaks fondly about the actor and the receptivity he had on the recordings. “I looked at him like a father.”

What is the movie about?

Sandler is a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers who discovers an excellent street basketball player in Spain. And so they fight their way to the NBA draft.

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