Discover how to find hidden cameras using just your cell phone

Have you ever had the feeling of being watched by someone or by hidden cameras in your house? As much as it seems like a science fiction scene from Hollywood movies, the truth is that a lot of people live with this malaise. luckily, the technology it also works in favor of people and it is possible to discover the existence of hidden devices using the cell phone itself.

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The entire procedure that aims to reveal possible hidden cameras in your home uses ToF. It is a form of investigation that can be performed through popular smartphones.

What is ToF, used to find hidden cameras?

In practice, ToF is not designed to find hidden cameras in your home or anywhere else. It is the technology behind facial recognition on smartphone device lock screens. Most recent cell phones have this type of mechanism active.

However, human creativity is a prominent factor in the whole story. It was she who made it possible to discover a secret function of the ToF and which may be able to identify cameras hidden in environments.

How to find hidden cameras in your house

ToF emits infrared rays to locate objects in the environment. By reflecting light hitting a camera lens, the technology would be able to recognize that there is an electronic device in the place.

It is possible to use the mechanism to identify hidden cameras in your home, but it is still in the testing phase. However, several people have reported success in the procedure. Soon, new applications and various software will be able to perform this function with excellence.

For now, check your smartphone to see if it has an active function. If so, test it through the rooms of your house in search of possible traces of spying. Just be careful not to find your own cameras and other cell phones lost inside the property.

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