Employee receives R$ 1.6 million by mistake and does not return it to the company | last second

What would you do if you were in that employee's shoes?  Same thing, or would you return it?

What would you do if you were in that employee’s shoes? Same thing, or would you return it?

A Chilean company mistakenly deposited 281 million Chilean pesos (about 1.6 million) to an employee. Instead of making the return, he resigned and fled with the money. The company is now trying to recover the money in court alleging “misappropriation”. The investigations of the case were accompanied by the Argentine newspaper Clarin.

The story began with the employee’s decision to hide that he had received that amount. However, when the company realized the error, it said he had to return it. A date was agreed for the return, but the employee did not go to the bank branch
deliver the money
which had already been withdrawn.

“They called him hundreds of times, until he answered and commented that he had fallen asleep. They kept waiting, but the day went by without any answer”, informs the report.

With no news from the employee, even after days, a lawyer went to the company to report that his client was not convinced to return the transferred amount, with the justification that the company made the mistake.

In view of this, they filed a lawsuit against the former employee, with the complaint of ” misappropriation
“. In court, the company’s defense claimed that, even though it was a mistake, it did not give the man the right to possess the money. So, they insisted that the money be returned.

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