Find out if a person doesn’t like you by watching THESE signs

People act in different ways depending on the situation, so not everyone will openly declare that they don’t like your personality and it’s important to walk away from these friendships.

Realizing that the person didn’t like you isn’t always that easy, because there’s a lot of unpredictability in human behavior. You may even understand that there is a misunderstanding and you are imagining things too much because the other had a bad day. However, remember to watch the actions and words of those who walk beside you.

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Some signs of disgust and apathy are very clear, however, certain individuals manage to disguise and even act falsely. Some speak directly and reveal with attitudes that they don’t want to have you around. Still, always be attentive and try to be honest with everyone, and when you identify a disagreement, talk or learn to deal with the situation.

Check out some behaviors that show that the person doesn’t like you

  • They decline your friend request on social media, even when they know you in person.
  • They share content or speak ill of things related to you.
  • They start arguments and sermons blaming you for any mistake.
  • They fight with you for simple and unnecessary reasons.
  • He ridicules his deeds and diminishes his achievements.
  • They act with indifference and force approach, smiling falsely.
  • They invite all colleagues and friends in the social circle, except you.
  • They don’t go out of their way to try to converse and look for common interests.

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