Sony launches new PSN cards for the service

Sony is making new PSN cards available at the price of the new PS Plus. The vouchers, marketed by Amazon and Shop To, add the credit needed to subscribe to the Extra plan for 12 months on your account.

The measure is of some importance, as the old exclusive codes for the service were withdrawn from circulation by the main retailers, even in Brazil. Now, the credits added to your wallet will exactly match the amount charged to subscribe to the level with the most advantages over Essential.

In the UK, the Extra plan price for the new PS Plus is £84.00. In the US, US$ 110 is required to access the benefits of the mentioned category.

new PS Plus PSN cards

If this is Sony’s global strategy, Brazilian players should have more options on PSN cards for subscribing to the service in the coming months. Until then, it is possible to add funds to the wallet through vouchers and using the credit card on the platform.

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