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forearm workout

forearm workout

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O forearm workout, often takes a back seat to the gym. For both men and women, it is common to give emphasis and attention to other muscle groups, such as the chest, arms and glutes.

However, it is undeniable that having a well worked forearm can strengthen the “grip” of other exercises, avoid pain and even improve the harmony and symmetry of the physique, causing a positive aesthetic effect.

For these and others, forearm training should not be left for later or treated as just the icing on the cake. But, it’s also no use going around doing sets and more sets for that musculature. It is necessary to have balance and wisdom to correctly divide and organize bodybuilding training.

In this way, the coach and sports advisor, Leandro Twin, has separated some important tricks for you to include in your forearm training and accelerate results. Check out:

1 – Diversify the forearm exercises. “The wrist flexion recruits very different muscles in relation to the wrist extension. The reverse curl – which is a curl movement yes – activates the brachioradialis much more and, with that, works several different portions. workouts all variations, but it should be present in your training periodization”, explains Twin.

2 – Strengthen the forearm with the “grip”. “If, by any chance, during a back or trapeze exercise, you feel the ‘grip’ open, I suggest that, at the end of the workouts, you grab the biggest dumbbells you can and hold them until you can’t take it anymore. two to three minutes (yes, the rest should be longer) and do it again at least three or four times at the end of each workout”, he recommends.

3 -Forearm training should happen twice a week. “When we want to focus on a weak muscle we have to give priority to it. Remember that there are synergists, so you have to train separately, with two to three days of rest and put one day with lats and one day with traps or biceps” , explains the coach.

4 – Start training with the forearm. “With this you will return all the energy to him. However, it is obvious that when you do forearm and then dorsal, the dorsal will yield less. But, in this period of periodization, it doesn’t matter”, he says.

5 – Perform the complete movement for the forearm. “I observe my (new) students doing wrist extension or wrist flexion with a very short movement. So remember to make the movement as complete as possible. Do the movement without any load and be aware that you need to do it, now, with the maximum load you can”, concludes Twin.

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