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Investors will be surprised by the stock most recommended by experts in this last week of June. (Image: Pixabay/sergeitokmakov)

In this last week of June, the stock most indicated by analysts is far from being well known among retail investors and newcomers to the world of variable income.

It’s not about any state, cases of Petrobras (PETR4) It’s from Bank of Brazil (BAAS3), or companies in the commoditieslike the mining company OK (VALE3), which time and again has dominated the preference of specialists and anonymous people in recent volatile times.

According to exclusive withdrawal prepared by Money Timesthe action of Iochpe-Maxion (MYPK3) is the most suitable for those looking to profit in the short termbased on the information presented in 11 recommended wallets.

The Brazilian company is currently the world leader in automotive wheel production and one of the main producers of automotive structural components in the Americas, obtaining four purchase recommendations per week.

off the radar

At technical analysisIochpe-Maxion continues with uptrend according to analysts BTG Pactual (BPAC11).

“In the short term, it passed an important resistance in the range of R$ 15.30 and firmed above the 200-period average. We believe in Iochpe-Maxion’s potential to follow its longer-term trend with a target of BRL 16.42 and a higher target of BRL 17.06“, say analysts Lucas Claro, Otto Sparenberg and Lucas Costa.

See below the most recommended stocks by 11 portfolios recommended between June 27th and July 1st and find out how much to invest in them:

Participated in the survey: Activate Investments, BB Investimentos, BTG Pactual, Elite, Mirae Asset, MyCap, Nu Invest, PagBank, Land Investments, XP Investimentos and Warren.

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