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Secretary Flavio Ataliba. Photo: Seplag

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The head of the Planning and Management Secretariat (Seplag), Flávio Ataliba, spoke about the discussion in a WhatsApp group involving the former president of Petrobras, Roberto Castello Branco, and the former president of Banco do Brasil, Rubem Novaes.

At the time, Novaes accused Castello Branco of attacking the Bolsonaro government.

Ataliba, who is the administrator of the group, said that it is made up of more than 200 economists who are in Brazil and abroad.

“Daily, we discuss what is happening in the world and national economy and exchange information about academic research and public policies. A debate that took place internally in the group between two great economists Rubem Novaes and Roberto Castelo Branco is being publicized in the media,” he declared.

“I would like to reinforce that as it is a closed group, many times the discussions naturally go beyond and become full of rhetoric. Therefore, using the dialogue that took place, taking it out of context, is neither opportune nor healthy to build any conclusions from there”, he concluded.

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