ANS suspends the sale of 70 health plans due to complaints

THE ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) this Monday (27) temporarily suspended the sale of 70 health plans due to complaints related to assistance coverage. The measure is part of the Service Guarantee Monitoring, which regularly monitors the performance of the sector and works to protect consumers. In this cycle, the suspended plans are from eight operators, and the complaints were made in the 1st quarter.

The ban on sales goes into effect on Thursday (30). The measure protects, in all, 1,453,044 beneficiaries, as these plans can only be marketed to new customers if the operators show an improvement in the monitoring result.

In addition to the suspensions, the ANS also discloses the list of plans that may be marketed again. In this cycle, 4 plans from 3 operators will have their sales released by the Service Guarantee Monitoring.

Service Guarantee Monitoring Results (1st quarter):
70 plans with suspended sales
4 plans with free marketing
1,453,044 beneficiaries protected
37,512 was the total number of complaints analyzed

Check on the ANS website which were the plans with suspended salesyou reactivated plansyou plans that were already suspended for other reasons and which were also suspended for monitoring the service guarantee, and the plans released by monitoring the service guarantee but which remain suspended for other reasons.

Service Guarantee Monitoring is the periodic monitoring of health plan coverage, with results released every quarter. Complaints received by ANS that refer to non-compliance with the maximum deadlines for consultations, exams and surgeries, or denial of assistance coverage, are considered. Based on this information, the operators are classified into bands, allowing a comparative analysis between them and causing the suspension of the commercialization of the plans that motivate more complaints from the operators identified at risk.

The operator with a product whose sale is suspended as a result of the Service Guarantee Monitoring cannot register any new plan that is similar to those on the suspension list, nor receive new beneficiaries in these plans. Each quarter, the operators are reassessed and, those that no longer present a risk to health care, are released for new commercialization, provided that the plans are not with the sale interrupted for other reasons.

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