Antonia Fontenelle mocks after exposing Klara Castanho: ‘I’m selling more’

Antônia Fontenelle says she earned more after exposing Klara Castanho

Antônia Fontenelle says she earned more after exposing Klara Castanho

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In another live on Instagram, Antonia Fontenelle returned to mock the attacks she says she is suffering for exposing the case involving actress Klara Castanho.

“Orchestrated attacks. I spent the night with people calling me,” she said, who, in a mocking tone, reported that people’s reaction did not affect her business.

“I’m very proud of myself. I’m selling more perfume, more gloss, as I’ve never sold before. I’m full of Brazilians out there asking for glasses. The name of this is respect and credibility.”

At no time, Fontenelle showed regret for having exposed the situation of Klara Castanho, who was a victim of rape and a victim of violation of medical confidentiality. The influencer even made cruel comments about the actress’ decision to put the baby – the result of rape – for adoption, which is guaranteed by law.

Shortly before the live, the influencer also used social networks to attack TV Globo, which pointed out Fontenelle as one of the people who corroborated the exposure of the case.

“I just saw an article, which I would say cowardly, on Fantastic, attacking me, citing my name as the villain of a macabre story,” she said. “I wasn’t the forerunner of this news, I’ve known it for a while, but when everyone started talking, I did too. The villain of this story is the rapist. How about we get to the heart of the matter? The girl reported that was raped, but I don’t think you’re worried about that, no… Cowardice,” he added.

understand the case

Klara Castanho did not intend to make the intimate situation public. However, a nurse at the hospital where she gave birth passed on the information to journalist Leo Dias, who told Antonia Fontenelle.

During a live, the influencer revealed the case. She did not mention Klara’s name, but gave all the clues that led to the actress. Following, Leo Dias published an article with details of the case, including the place, date and weight of the child. The report was removed from the air on Saturday night after the negative repercussion of the case.

Voluntary delivery for adoption

In an open letter, Klara revealed that she discovered the pregnancy at an advanced stage and decided to have the child even with the right guaranteed by law to rape. Subsequently, she opted for the voluntary delivery of the baby for adoption, another right provided for in the Constitution.

The measure is guaranteed by the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA), which provides that women who become pregnant and are unable or unwilling to keep the babies can hand them over for adoption without being held responsible for the act.

The process is confidential for both mother and child. The woman is heard and accompanied by a technical team. The Judiciary monitors and authorizes the process. The baby is referred for adoption by people registered in the National Adoption and Reception System.

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