At CBF, 25 clubs outside of Libra name a new association: the Liga Forte Futebol do Brasil | sport business

The 25 clubs from Series A and B that did not join the Libra (Brazilian Football League) decided to found another association this Tuesday, with the name Liga Forte Futebol do Brasil. The objective is to carry out negotiations as a block and, later on, seek consensus for the formation of a single league.

The decision on the creation of a new league took place this Tuesday morning, at a meeting of the clubs at the headquarters of the CBF. The information was initially published by Robson Bonin, from Veja, and confirmed by ge.

Clubs outside Libra decided to found a new association — Photo: Disclosure

The block of 25 clubs refused to sign up to Libra due to divergences in relation to the percentages of broadcasting rights, and also the metrics chosen for the revenue variables, especially related to digital engagement.

While Libra formalized the apportionment in 50% of the rights divided equally, 25% proportional to sports performance, and 25% proportional to engagement and audience, the 25 want the division in 40-30-30.

There were attempts at conversation by the block of 25, including formal invitations by letter, but Libra only accepts to negotiate terms with members who have already signed, and ignored the calls.

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