Auction of gamers products has items for R$ 30: see how to participate

The auction takes place at 10 am on Hisa’s official website. The 80 lots are now available for bidding, with discounts of up to 90%.

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On June 29, Hisa Leilões will hold an auction of electronic equipment intended for games. In short, there are several products such as gaming chairs, motherboard, headphones, headset, and graphics table. Among the brands are large companies such as Asus, Corsair and Samsung with discounts of up to 90%. Below you can see all the details.

Gamers products auction has items for R$ 30

The auction takes place at 10 am on Hisa’s official website. The 80 lots are now available for bidding. Among the highlights are lot 79 of a Nox Infinity Sigma case, with an initial bid of R$30, and more than 90% off.

Meanwhile, lot 06 has motherboards of different models from brands like Asus, starting at R$3,634.10. Lot 35 has an Alpha Gamer Kappa Gamer Chair and a Gamer Husky Polar Cabinet + 1 Unit. Gamer Vinik VX Gaming Feux Case. The initial bid is BRL 560.17.

According to Tatiana Hisa Sato, CEO of Hise Auctions,

“This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in purchasing gamer items from good brands at attractive prices. In addition, this type of auction helps to give a new cycle to goods that still have a useful life, it is a way to promote the circular economy and it is an action that has good impacts on the environment”.

Finally, to participate in this and other auctions, it is necessary to have a registration on the auctioneer’s website. In addition, you must be 18 years of age or older, as well as agree with the information in the auction notice. In this way, any kind of surprise regarding payment and withdrawal conditions is avoided.

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