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We’re all so involved with Pantanal that, have you ever wondered how the scenes were made? Gshow got in touch with Thiago Ferreira, Globo’s Steadicam/Trinity operator, who was part of the soap opera team for 14 days. He traveled to the Pantanal, entrusted with the mission of commanding the Trinity, an equipment that allows high and low shots in the same sequence.

Thiago Ferreira filming in “Pantanal” — Photo: Personal archive/Thiago Ferreira

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With a busy recording routine, he and a trio of cameras directed by Davi Lacerda commanded scenes from different centers.

“The most challenging are the long-shots, because the cast has to synchronize with our work, while we have to fit the text to the angle. , tells Thiago, to Gshow.

One of the clips obtained by Gshow shows Levi (Leandro Lima) attacking Muda (Bella Campos) as she tries to hang clothes. Thiago remembers that the final result was achieved by working together with the entire team.

“David (director) suggested the side, I thought about the final framing, and the assistant director and the cast also participated in the construction. It was a side shot, and when he grabs Muda by the arms, we get close to give more emotion”, recalls the cameraman.

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Behind the scenes of 'Pantanal': camera shows Levi meeting Muda

Behind the scenes of ‘Pantanal’: camera shows Levi meeting Muda

According to Thiago, the great merit of the work is to be in tune with the actors. “We have to kind of walk together, for the actor to react when we close him. We create a friendship, he becomes a colleague. I still have contact with Gabriel Sater, Irandhir Santos and Alanis Guillen too, from time to time” , list it.

Behind the scenes of Juma cornering Levi — Photo: Personal archive/Thiago Ferreira

Juma corners Levi

Juma corners Levi

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Thiago also filmed with Dira Paes, Bella Campos and a good part of the cast of “Pantanal” — Photo: Personal archive/Thiago Ferreira

Thiago in front of José Leôncio’s mansion — Photo: Personal archive/Thiago Ferreira

Scene by Zé Lucas (Irandhir Santos) and Irma (Camila Morgado) — Photo: Personal archive/Thiago Ferreira

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