‘Beyond Illusion’: pregnant, Heloísa drinks tea sabotaged by Matias and feels sick | come around

“Bastard! Ah, but you’re not going to steal from me my friend, not really!” he will shout.

Afterwards, Heloísa will feel sick again and will have a cup of tea served by Manuela (Mariah da Penha). It won’t take long for her to start feeling really bad cramps. And, seeing Matias laughing at the door, she will panic.

“What did you do, Matias, what did you do? You are a monster!”

“But what did I do? Manuela prepared the tea!”, he will disguise it.

Matias will be annoyed with Heloísa’s pregnancy in ‘Além da Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

Matthias will then continue mocking Heloise:

“I don’t understand all this fuss. You’re not even expecting Leonidas’ mole’s baby. The poor thing has fallen for the trickster’s tale, but there’s still time to wake up. Your spell won’t last long, bitch.”

Will everything be okay with Heloísa’s pregnancy? Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera!

28 June


Davi decides to look for the owner of the loom maintenance company. Úrsula believes that Neide has an affair with Ambrósio. Abel threatens to reveal Lucinha’s secret. Joaquim orders Abel to sabotage the weaving again. Isadora tells Rafael that she set her wedding date with Joaquim. Leonidas demands from Benê and Fátima the request he made to them. Matias tampers with the tea that Manuela prepares for Heloísa. Úrsula confirms her suspicions about Ambrosio. Abel sabotages the weaving, and Tenório has an accident. Davi finds out who owns the fake company that Joaquim hired. Elias examines the real Rafael Antunes and asks him about his name.

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See that Heloísa has also sabotaged Matias’ drink, however, for a good cause…

Heloísa sabotages Matias' drink without Leônidas noticing

Heloísa sabotages Matias’ drink without Leônidas noticing

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